Passing URL parameters using Java ADF

Off late i have been asked this question a lot as to how to pass URL parameters in a Java ADF web application similar to ArcIMS HTML Viewer.

For example : You would like to open the web app and zoom to a given envelope

In terms of URL :,65.87,-90.50,68.44

Other use cases might be :

  • Turning on/off layers
  • Adding resources dynamically
  • Passing an authentication token
  • Perform a query and show results on the graphic layer

Probably the easiest way of doing this is by tapping into the lifecycle of the web application using the Interface WebContextInitialize.

This can be done is three easy steps :

  1. Implement the Java class
  2. Register this class as managed bean in faces-config.xml
  3. Add this managed bean as an custom attribute to the WebContext in faces-config.xml

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Feels good to be back home. Had a successful DAAJ class in Aylesbury followed by a 4 day touring of London.

The class went on pretty smooth, most of them (6/8) were ESRI UK employees. Aylesbury as a town in very small and not much to do, few good restaurants and lots of pubs.

Save the date

The dates for ESRI Developer Summit 2008 are announced – March 17-20 at the same old place in Palm Springs, CA

If you are a developer or an all-in-one superhero managing and coding and supporting ArcGIS and its developer products you should be attending. There is minimal marketing and lots of code, the best part is you get to meet the developers of your fav product and other supporting staff.

Off to UK

Wohoo … I will be flying (with my wife) next week to ESRI UK to teach a class Developing Applications using ArcGIS Server using Java Platform a.k.a DAAJ

Pretty excited about this trip, ESRI UK is actually 40 miles away from London, Aylesbury to be exact. This is a very well designed course and ideal for folks trying to implement a solution using ArcGIS Server and Java ADF.

Check out the links section, I have updated good sites to bookmark if you are developing with ArcGIS Server and Java ADF, will surely come in handy.

Anyways, after teaching I am taking of for a few days to visit London. Let me know if you know any must-see places.

Hello World

This is my obligatory “first post” to the world of blogging.  I have been trying to resist the blog bug for a while but … here it is and many more to come!