Aha … Printing made easy

This is a standard question I get whenever I teach or meet someone who works with ArcGIS Server Java ADF “How do I print the map in my web application”

Unfortunately at version 9.2 printing is not made available out-of-the-box either in the mapping template or as an configurable task. However this could be done using a custom task. I find this approach not suitable to most users since

  • You might have multiples resources in the map
  • You might have graphics on the map

I have this simple solution of implementing the same print functionality but using Javascript. Sounds easy right! Infact its really easy.

Here are the two simple steps involved

  • Add the JavaScript code to the jsp page
  • Create a html link (anchor) or input button which calls the JavaScript print function

Before I go further for folks using the .Net Web ADF there is a sample and article on how to add a print task to the web app on the ArcGIS Server Development blog. (Here is the link)

Lets look at the actual code

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Live Training Seminar

Live Training Seminar StudioJust back from the Live Training Seminar on Bulding application for ArcGIS Server using Java platform. For the folks who dint tune it, it will be available in two weeks as an recorded seminar on the ESRI training site.

I was the “Subject Matter Expert”/ Co-presenter along with Allan Hammersmith. This was a technical seminar focussed on building JSF based web applications using the Java Web ADF. We showed how to build a simple web app with just a map and maptools (zoomin,zoomout….) and then built on this demo to add the table of contents and a custom task.

We did have a extensive Q&A session and the whole presentation lasted around 60 mins. We had good response for the webcast and counted approx 1000 users logged in from 10 different countries.

Overall a nice experience and was also given the “WebCast SuperHero” certificate for all the hard work put in. Thank you Tasha, I’ll take it.

Passing URL parameters in .Net ADF application

I got a few responses for my recent post on passing URL parameters using Java ADF web application asking how to do the same using .Net Web ADF. 

If you are using .Net Web ADF then there is a walkthrough (sample code with steps) on EDN, here is the link : http://edndoc.esri.com/arcobjects/9.2/NET_Server_Doc/developer/ADF/wma_walkthroughs.htm#parameters