Eclipse – how tos and tips and tricks

Lots of Java ADF enthusiasts have asked for some guidance on working with Eclipse. I do teach them a few in the class but here is more comprehensive listing. Obviously you can find more info on the web but here is a list that is relevant to using Eclipse for web development. Read the rest of this entry »


Yahoo! releases new performance best practices (14 + 20 new rules)

Another interesting presentation about web performance with 20 more tips by Stoyan Stefanov, lead developer, Yahoo! Performance team

Here is the link :

Few tools discussed in the slides :

  1. YSlow
  2. Fiddler
  3. IBM page detailer
  4. HTTPWatch
  5. AOL Pagetest
  6. JSLint
  7. JSMin
  8. YUI Compressor
  9. pngcrush (optipng, pngoptimizer)
  10. jpegtran