Rename ArcGIS Server Hostname

Note: This post is for ArcGIS Server 9.2 Java (any platform)

Did you ever install ArcGIS Server Java first and then go ahead and change the host name of the machine only to realize now the you will have to either re-install or run post install or contact support to fix ArcGIS Server.

Did you ever have an disk image with ArcGIS Server Java installed and configured, then you go ahead and ghost the image on many machines only to realize that all the hostnames are the same.

Don’t worry, In this post you will find information on what files has got the entries of the host name and for what purpose. This will also give you a good understanding of how ArcGIS Server Manager and Web Services Handler uses these configuration files.

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Measuring Web Mapping Application Performance using YSlow – part 2

Sorry for the long delay in writing this post. Lots of you have emailed me asking for the concluding part of the performance analysis and here it is. This is a continuation from the last post so its highly recommended you read the earlier post first (Click here for part1)

Here is the listing of YSlow 13 performance rules along with the ratings given to the default web mapping application template.

1. Make Fewer HTTP requests (F)
2. Use a CDN (F)
3. Add an Expires header (F)
4. Gzip components (F)
5. Put CSS at the top (B)
6. Move scripts to the bottom (C)
7. Avoid CSS expressions (A)
8. Make JS and CSS external (-)
9. Reduce DNS lookups (A)
10. Minify JS (A)
11. Avoid redirects (A)
12. Remove duplicate scripts (A)
13. Configure ETags (A)

Now lets analyze a few rules and its ratings to see where we as web developers or front end engineers can contribute to improve the performance of the web mapping application. Read the rest of this entry »