Good Javascript and Dojo Resources

Here is a list of Javascript and Dojo learning resources (thanks Grayson) that I use. If you know of any good links, add in a comment and I will update the post.


Essential Javascript – A Javascript Tutorial


Dojo Feature Explorer (Great source for learning how to use dijits and dojox widgets, check out the tests folder)

10 helpings of Dojo goodness


Minify JavaScript and CSS files in IDE – netbeans and eclipse

This post talks about how to go about minifying the javascript and css files directly from your IDE (Eclipse and Netbeans) using the YUICompressor and YUIAnt jar files.

Before we look into more specifics you will have to download these two:
1. YUICompression jar from the Yahoo developer site, here are the links : More InfoDownload
2. YUIAnt jar file from this link
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