Devsummit 2009 Demo – infoTips posted on code gallery for download

Just posted a new sample on code gallery. This sample was demoed in the devsummit 2009 session and as promised I have upload a zip file with samples, documentation and source file.

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Rate the sample and post any comments directly at that site or here in my blog. Based on the comments I will add more functionality to the infoTip class.


Working with

Few common scenarios when you are working with the graphics layer (@ version 1.3) in the ArcGIS Server JS API

1. returns the graphics layer
2. returns the array of graphic elements (geometry, symbol, attribute, infotemplate) added to the graphics layer

To remove all graphic elements in the graphic layer;

To show/hide specific graphic element[index].show();[index].hide();

To check if any specific graphic element is being shown or not:
// 'none' is hidden and 'block' is visible[index].getDojoShape()

Loop through all the graphic elements
var graphics =;
for (var i=0; i< graphics.length; i++)
// do something with graphics[i]

even better

dojo.forEach(, "console.log(item.getDojoShape()");
dojo.forEach(, "console.log(item,index,array)");
dojo.forEach(, function(item){//item is a graphic element });

Note: @version 1.4 you will have ability to add multiple graphics layers (in addition to the default graphics layer) and can control the stack order (z-index).