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Working at ESRI I was given the opportunity to teach selected programming related courses. Inspite of the busy schedule I manage to teach three to four courses a year and after each course the clients write feedback. I wanted to share a few comments of the clients who took my class. Though I have a lot of good comments to share I dint want to post the anonymous ones here.

Hamid Yunus – Technical Advisor – ESRI – 3/14/2008
Sathya is a very knowledgable instructor. I’ll list his ultra positive qualities as follows: – He knows his material in detail. – He is extremely passionate about the technology and has a very diverse view of web technologies. – He actively encouraged class participation and everyone contributed to the discussions in one way or another. – He was very courteous in answering questions, was very interested in learning work-flows to answer specific questions, and did an excellent job of answering everything that was thrown at him – His approach was very friendly and he not assume that the participants are all at the same level in terms of understanding of the ADF technology – He filtered down hard concepts in simple ideas and presently them effectively so these topics do not seem daunting – He was able to bring his Support and Teaching expereince to tackle issues and work-flows Overall, I think he is a very good example of how our instructors can teach complex course materials. I highly recommend him to teach more courses so that ESRI produces quality training in addition to the course material.

Mark Puzzo – Senior Principal S/W Engineer – BAE SYSTEMS – 11/30/2007
Sathya Prasad presented incredible depth of knowledge in answering all questions within and beyond the scope of the course, and isclearly gifted in being able to explain how/why things work.

Georgianna Strode – Application Developer – Florida State University – 11/30/2007
Sathya was very sincere and helpful with questions. The demonstrations (that were done in addition to powerpoint) were very useful. I am a bit overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge presented in this course, but I feel like I know where to get started when the time comes.

Matthew Lawton – Technology Systems Developer – Washoe County, Nevada – 6/5/2007
Very well versed in topic. An excellent teacher and resource.

Nicholas Cervantez – User Tech – Riverside County Sheriff’s Dep – 6/5/2007
Very intellegent instructor, easy to follow and willing to help.

Leo Anguiano – GIS Specialist – State Water Resources Control – 4/10/2007
Sathya did a great job. I like his style of presenting information. Very sincere and clear. He looks at the audience and tries to see if everyone is on board with the topic. Good job!

Michael Tims – ESRI – 10/31/2006
Sathya did very well answering the questions of our clients and also did very well selling the product and keeping our clients interested in the power that ArcIMS delivers. I sat in the back of class to see the clients’ reations to the product and never
once saw anyone dissapointed or lost. Great job!

Scott Hayes – 10/31/2006
Sathya was the first Indian instructor I have had (college and all) that I could fully understand. He is a credit to your company

Angie (Josephine) Slingluff – Environmental Protection Assis – US EPA – 7/25/2006
Sathya is a very good instructor, patient and helpful.

Michael Hatfield – ESRI – 7/25/2006
Sathya has a very strong command of the knowledge. Very well taught class

Eric Richardson, 6/30/2006
I’ve had a lot of ESRI Instructor, Mr. Prasad is one of the best. He is smart and he engages the students.

University of Redlands, MSGIS Students, 6/29/2006
Sathya was terriffic – he knew his stuff well, and he comminucated it well. He also was very encouraging and supportive of us. Created a good rapport with the students.All in all, an excellent teacher.


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  1. Schuller Tom Says:

    I’m really appreciating your Java blog about the ArcGIS server. It looks like a very promising information source for my future Java projects.

    Actually, I’m working on combing the ESRI WebADF with Icefaces (
    Getting this combination working, I will get the power of server-initiated client rendering (try this example: ). It’s a library with powerful components like tree or table ( ). All the coding is done in Java script, no Javascript hassle.

    I’m getting running a first version but it’s based on 2 Faces-Mappings (one for Esri and one for Icefaces). The 2 page-mapping are integrated by an IFRAME and Javascript is making the intercommunication. My goal is to integrate the Esri WebADF in the Icefaces page directly, like the GoogleMap-component provided by Icefaces in here latest beta version.

    My prototype is available under:

    Perhaps you can help me to get it working,

  2. Lakshmanan Says:

    Hello Sathya,

    I have attended your training course on AGS Java which you have copresented. It is very useful for beginner like me.
    I really appreciate your excellent work. But perhaps, I felt bit difficult in catching that since am novice to server and java and web. I request you to provide more training in understanding the basics with examples. Though ESRI samples are excellent,it cant speak.

    Giving basic fundamentals on Web technology, AGS architecture, Components (ADF, Server API) will definetely helpful for novice. Hope we will recieve the some materials

    Keep doing good work


  3. sathyaprasad Says:

    Thank you for the feedback. I will surely suggest your comments to the Educational Services team here in ESRI.

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