New Sample : Swipe Tool

Swipe Tool in ActionIt’s been  a while since my last blog post thanks to Twitter.  This week I posted a new sample on the JavaScript Code Gallery ( called “Swipe Tool”. As the name suggests its a swipe tool and if you are familiar with ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Explorer you know what this means, for other its a way to see what underneath a layer. Can be used as a good comparison tool.

Check it out live :

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New sample – OpenLayers API + ArcGIS Services

Posted a new sample showing how to consume ArGIS Services (dynamic and cached) using OpenLayers API.

Check it out:

Rename ArcGIS Server Hostname

Note: This post is for ArcGIS Server 9.2 Java (any platform)

Did you ever install ArcGIS Server Java first and then go ahead and change the host name of the machine only to realize now the you will have to either re-install or run post install or contact support to fix ArcGIS Server.

Did you ever have an disk image with ArcGIS Server Java installed and configured, then you go ahead and ghost the image on many machines only to realize that all the hostnames are the same.

Don’t worry, In this post you will find information on what files has got the entries of the host name and for what purpose. This will also give you a good understanding of how ArcGIS Server Manager and Web Services Handler uses these configuration files.

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(ArcObjects) Code sample to Geocode against a AddressLocator

Here is an Arcobjects code sample to test the Geocoding functionality of the ArcGIS Server against a published Geocode Service.

To run the sample as it is shown – Publish the SanFrancisco Address locator provided with the samples data (location: C:\program files\arcgis\java\samples\data\networkanalyst\SanFran_street_zip.loc) using ArcGIS Server as a Geocode service. In the sample I have called the service “SanFranciscoGeocode”.

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